Do you want to have the opportunity to learn how to create simple one-minute videos ? This workshop will provide it to you. 

Omayma is ”The One Minute Academy” certified, she learned avant-garde audio and video techniques and was trained to replicate the course to new audiences. Register to the workshop to use these tools in order to better communicate the messages you want to share with the world.

What will you learn in this workshop? 

➖ At the end of this workshop, candidates shall be able to : 

➖ Understand the basics of using camera or cell phone camera efficiently 

➖ Understand basic shooting and lighting 

➖ Create videos for their purpose

➖ Edit videos and Photos 

➖ Make Visual content for social media

Who Should Attend this workshop? 

Ideal for photographers, movie makers, marketers, content creators, journalists, editors, social media and community managers, media professionals.


What will you need ? 

➖ Your smartphone or camera 

➖ A microphone (not mandatory)


What we offer ? 

➖ The course materials

➖ Unlimited tea/coffee



Who’s the Instructor?


Omayma is an experienced Creative Director leading Atakor platform. She has overseen integrated advertising campaigns across emerging channels, TV, print, digital and social as well leading re-branding and design efforts for large-scale, corporate identity systems. She worked alongside prestigious brands such as : Aspire, Modanisa , Coca Cola , Maxon , Chebli , ANEP , Alaraby , AJ+ , TRT , Elchourouk , DHC , IFA , GreenHills , Thinkfashion , DMFW, and she will delightfully share her knowledge with anyone attending this workshop.

Important informations :

When  : 8th – 9th February / 09:00 – 17:00
Where : Sylabs
Tuition: 6000 DZD (5000 DZD for those who pay their fees before the 4th)


Omyma Kaouas

Creative director @Atakor

How to register ? 

You can register using the link below.

Eventbrite - Make powerful one minute videos.