Do you want to build IoT Products ? are you curious about how IoT Development works ? or are you an experienced IoT and Hardware developer ? this workshop will help you to improve your skills.
In this workshop we will see how to build IoT Products using modern development tools, and how to deploy and maintain IoT Software on IoT Devices. We will use Raspberry Pis as IoT Hardware to build IoT products and IoT Solution to speed up the build and deploy workflow. The final aim is to get an introduction on how to build real life IoT Products for Smart cities, building, farming to other IoT segments.
We will use sample Python and Javascript demo Apps that will allow you to quickly deploy, and from there you can use any language to deploy your own IoT Apps and Products.
A mini projects competition will be organized the afternoon.
This event is organized by #Sylabs, in collaboration with Open
Devices UG From Berlin.
▶️Participants profile:
– Students / Developers / Hobbyists / Passionates
– Anyone interested in Linux & programming.
For this workshop we will be using Raspberry Pi 3, 2, and Zero. Please see below for the list of material to bring with you:
– Your own laptop with Linux, Windows or Mac OS. (Linux Ubuntu or Debian prefered)
Laptop must have both working WIFI and Ethernet
– Ethernet cable to be used between Raspberry Pi and Laptop
– Your own Raspberry Pi model 3, 2 or Zero « if you have one », otherwise attendees will be splitted into groups and a Raspberry Pi Zero with WIFI will be provided for each group to perform the workshop.
– Genuine 8GB or better 16GB microSD Class 10 Card. To choose the best microDS cards, please see below:
Install SD Insight App to check your microSD card:
Otherwise a limited number of microSD cards will be available for attendees.
If you have a Raspberry Pi , please install on your microSD card the appropriate Noobs or Raspbian version.
– Good quality USB cable.
▶️Participation fees:
500 DZD
4 hours to 5 hours workshop
1 to 2 hours competition challenge.
▶️Challenge Winners:
Raspberry Pi Zero with WIF
No constraints (Arabic, French or English)
If you wish to take part in this workshop, please apply
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