How can we make the diaspora contribution to the Algerian ecosystem better?

Since our opening in 2015, diaspora has been part ouf our activities and our development. Either as entrepreneurs themselves, or as mentors/trainers for other entrepreneurs, Algerians from all over the world were more than keen to help us build the ecosystem we’re dreaming of : an ecosystem where everyone could take advantage of the many needs and turn them into business opportunities.

This is why Sylabs decided to create a dedicated communication channel for its diaspora followers : in this page, you’ll find all the latest news about our actions involving diaspora community, contact us for any assistance related to launching your project in Algeria, or contribute to our events.

Starting a startup in Algeria

We can provide diaspora with different services 
– Perspective information about the local market
– Assistance in the process of legal registration of the company
– Legal address for the company
– Coworking space, with all services included
– Support in talent & HR acquisition : sourcing, salaries estimations, training and local market informations
– Advantages of our network : business introductions, insights from entrepreneurs..
– Post-Launch and operations administrative assistance : taxes, legal, sales etc.

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Contribute to the our activities

Since our launch, we’ve always been in close contact with the diaspora: we hosted many algerian entrepreneurs coming back home to launch their businesses, and we had many others train, mentor or support our resident startups in their field of expertise.

If you feel like sharing your knowledge with entrepreneurs and youth, and you are interested into being an active contributor to Sylabs actions, you can contact us directly to discuss our future collaboration!

Sylabs organizes more then 100 events (workshops, conferences, meetups, exhbition,…) per year, focused on business development, entrepreneurship, growth, technology, soft skills and more globally, youth empowerment.

This intensive program constantly requires skilled speakers, trainers and mentors, and we are always seeking to develop our network of contributors.

If you feel like sharing your knowledge with our entrepreneurial community, either as a trainer, speaker or mentor of our resident startups, we would be glad to know you! use the contact button below to drop us some lines


Our events outside of Algeria


January 19th, 2019


 September 07th, 2019

Contact us for any assistance related to

launching your project in Algeria, or contribute to our activities